Like many other international students, many Namibian students want to study in Canada. Expats heading to Canada to study receive significant benefits in return.

This is because Namibian students studying in Canada attest to the good life and quality education structure provided to international students by Canadian educational institutions. Canada is welcoming and renowned as a study destination for students from Namibia and other countries.

Additionally, the Canada Study Permit program and the opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residence for you and your family are no exception to why students immigrate to Canada. You can become one of them if you follow the instructions in this guide.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about how to study in Canada from Namibia and your work opportunities while studying.

Why study in Canada from Namibia?

Throughout history, Canada has maintained a very generous immigration program in the world compared to other countries, not only Namibia but any other country wishing to improve its capabilities.

Moreover, Canada’s largesse gives Namibia freedom of entry and permanent residence in addition to zero capacity for racism. Canada is also a peaceful place that provides a very conducive environment for education.

Therefore, below are the benefits of studying in Canada for Namibian citizens:

High educational standard: Canada, one of the top three countries with the highest levels of educational migration, has a strong record of very high-quality education.

Accessible Education: This is an important factor that gives every Namibian a chance to get an education. It has the most affordable college, standard of living, etc. Canada is also known for the numerous scholarships it provides to Namibian citizens. This way, Namibians can apply for scholarships and save money.

Opportunity to work while studying: In Canada, it is typical to work while studying, which also applies to international students. Thus, a Namibian migrating to Canada can work and earn while studying.

Namibians can use 20 hours a week to work part-time without applying for a work permit (their study permit already covers this) and work full-time during the semester or summer holidays. And they can work in any field, not necessarily in their specialty.

Student Safety: Canada is a low-crime country; it is also free of racism. As they work to retain college-educated immigrants, they provide safe housing for citizens and international students.

Job Offers: Unlike problems in Africa, Canada offers jobs to its graduates, both citizens and international students, for a minimum of six months after graduation. This is because Canada is technologically advanced so they are always building new industries to create employment opportunities.

Safety and friendly environment: Canada has a proven track record of being a safe environment for international students to live and study. Not only that, the atmosphere is safe and very conducive for any program that can be pursued in Canada, which makes Namibian students consider Canada as a study destination.

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