This is an essential guide that details every international visitor on the fast process of obtaining Italian citizenship by marriage. However, I will detail to you the acceptable criteria, requirements, application procedure, and also processing time.

Italy is a European, which makes it part of the European Union.However, one of the ways you can get Italian citizenship is through marriage.

There are so many benefits of living or permanent residency in Italy because as an Italian citizen, it means you are ready to reside permanently in Italy. I’ll be short on highlighting some benefits of living in Italy.

Benefits of Living in Italy

  1. In Italy, the cost of living is relatively low compared to most European countries
  2. They have one of the best-practice cultures in the world
  3. They make some of the best meals and also the best wines
  4. Italian citizens are very social and engage in rowdy nightlife
  5. The environment in Italy is so amazing
  6. The education there is relatively affordable and excellent
  7. Great experience in the transportation system.
  8. They have one of the best healthcare centers.
  9. It’s a very safe place to dwell with a low crime rate.

Now you know some of the benefits of living in Italy, let me quickly describe some benefits you get as an Italian citizen. I believe that once you read some of these benefits, you can continue applying for Italian citizenship by marriage.

The benefits of being an Italian citizen

  1. As an Italian citizen, you have unlimited access to buy property in Italy.
  2. You also gain legal access to study or work in Italy and other EU countries without needing a work or study permit.
  3. With your right to Italian citizenship, you can transfer all your children under 18 years of age.
  4. You gain access to lower-cost healthcare services
  5. You also gain access to high-quality public education
  6. As an Italian citizen, you have the right to vote for the representative of the Italian parliament in your region
  7. You also get freedom of movement in other EU countries

The only problem residing in Italy is that we have few English speakers there, but it’s no big deal because Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn.

Italian Citizenship by Marriage

Before I inform you about the fast-track procedure on how to obtain Italian citizenship by marriage, let me quickly underline some of the requirements for obtaining Italian citizenship by marriage.


  1. It is, therefore, citizenship obtained through marriage, and then the applicant must be linked to an Italian citizen.
  2. Before applying for Italian citizenship by marriage, you must be married for at least 2 years to an Italian citizen.
  3. Applicants must show proof that they have not applied for divorce or separation.
  4. The marriage must be registered in the Italian district.

Document Requirements

  1. The spouse’s Italian passport and the applicant’s non-Italian passport together with state ID
  2. Proof of position
  3. Evidence or “signed statement” indicating that you are still married
  4. Marriage Transcript
  5. Birth certificate of both spouses
  6. Evidence for clean criminal background checks
  7. Proof of passing the Italian language test
  8. Payment bill for application.

How to Apply for Italian Citizenship by Marriage

  1. First, register and create an account on the “ALI” web portal, which is only available in Italian. Register through
  2. After that, copy the required documents as described on the platform
  3. Complete process.
  4. Once you have completed the online process, you must complete the final submission of original documents, citizenship signature, and another related process for applying for citizenship to the consulate.
  5. Once your application is evaluated, you will receive a message from the consulate via the website. However, once your citizenship is granted, you will be invited to the citizenship ceremony.

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