San Diego Open Tickets To Go On Sale

SAN DIEGO, August 6, 2022 (Press release) Tickets for this September San Diego Open ATP 250 and the October San Diego Open WTA 500 tournaments go on sale on Friday, August 12 at 8 a.m. PDT. Tickets are on sale at the official San Diego Open website. The San Diego Open ATP 250 will be … Read more

‘Hire a New Makeup Girl’- Chris Evert once wore a new avatar for her rival boyfriend Martina Navratilova

Without a doubt, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert have created one of the most iconic tennis rivalries. However, this rivalry cannot be seen in the light of animosity or revenge. Their rivalry is one of the most respectable and thriving in all sports. Both players value their friendship as much as their rivalry. Which led … Read more

Tribe Tennis gets the credit

By Matt Price The brutal and hot two-day practice is over. Now all teams and athletes can look forward to their first day of school and their first competitions. The tennis team will be honored to play their first official match this year. Tribal tennis was in two-a-day all week, and they had to be … Read more

Diamond tennis bracelets, the ultimate Yuppie status symbols, Go Mass

Since the gimme-gimme 1980s, the diamond tennis bracelet has been a powerful status symbol. Traditionally an elaborate gift for women for milestone events, the simple diamond bracelet is slipped discreetly over a restaurant table in a long velvet box. Or not so discreet: the history of rap music shines with boastful tennis bracelet gifts. “My … Read more

Collingham Tennis Club Hosts Fundraising Tournament To Support The Attraction Of Thomas Swan’s Brain Tumor

A tennis club held a tournament to raise money for brain cancer research. Collingham Tennis Club, along with Southwell, Retford and North Scarle clubs, took part in a women’s tournament to raise money for the Thomas Swan brain tumor appeal. Thomas Swan, a Collingham man and Newark and Sherwood District Council employee, died of a … Read more