Texas’ Jahdae Barron making an impact as ‘experienced’ quarterback

AUSTIN – Jahdae Barron’s physical measurements probably won’t make NFL scouts drool over their notebooks.

The 1.60 m and 78.5 kg junior is built to blend in well with the buzzing masses around the Forty Aces. Barron is fast but not brilliant, strong but not Herculean. Hidden in sweatpants, the former Connally All-American could be just another student walking to class.

For Barron, the important thing is everything swimming inside his head. As Texas coach Steve Sarkisian said in March: “He’s a very experienced player.”

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“I think he has good natural instincts for football,” Sarkisian said of Barron, a third-year nickel cornerback. “I think he’s a very conscious guy, like he’s aware of what’s going on around him. He lacks 6-2 and runs 4.3 (40 yards), but he makes up for it with instincts, smarts, and intelligence, which is sometimes more effective than just being physically gifted. He’s upstairs.”

Sarkisian’s spring scouting report proved prescient this past weekend. Because when UTSA quarterback Frank Harris’ errant pitch hit a wideout’s outstretched hand, Barron’s sixth sense kicked in.

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