Soccer World Cup Players Will Get FIFA’s Data Analytics App

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – When the World Cup kicks off in Qatar on November 20, fans can expect a flurry of stats and match footage on social media, and FIFA hopes this will include data and content from a new app. for players.

FIFA said on Friday that all players in the finals will be able to consult their performance data in an app developed by the body that allows players from all 32 teams access to analysis and information.

The app was created following player feedback, via the FIFPRO players union, and the data will be synced with the action video to allow a quick assessment of key moments.

While these data and metrics are widely available to players from top clubs and national teams, which employ teams of analysts, the app will ensure that teams with fewer resources also have access.

The app will make use of information from FIFA’s performance analysts, tracking physical performance data and metrics such as distance covered, sprints and positional heat maps.

Players will also receive match photos that they can share on social media, along with stats and data.

“This player-centric development is based on direct feedback from players and is another great example of how FIFA is using technology in the best possible way, improving the football experience for key players on the pitch,” said Johannes Holzmueller, Director of FIFA. Director of Football Technology and Innovation.

Simon Colosimo, deputy secretary general at FIFPRO, said players had asked for better access to their performance data.

“The FIFA Player App is a positive outcome that will activate personal data rights and provide a new feature for FIFA World Cup players in Qatar,” he said.

(Reporting by Simon Evans, editing by Ed Osmond)

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