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It’s a starting point. Serena Williams’ diamond-studded outfit sparkles under the lights. Williams throws the ball in the air. The crowd takes a deep breath. She serves. The ball bounces back and forth until it finally hits the net. The match is over. Williams’ career comes to an end when she withdraws from her final tennis tournament. The crowd erupts into applause, celebrating her groundbreaking achievements as a black woman in tennis. It’s not just her clothes that continue to shine; It’s her legacy too.

Serena Williams entered the 2022 US Open to conclude her extraordinary career. In the third round of the women’s singles, she fell short of Ajla Tomljanovic, an Australian player. After three hours of tennis suspense, Williams’ career came to an end. The final score was 7-5, 6-7, 6-1.

Williams has a long list of accomplishments and success behind her. She shares a record of 186 consecutive weeks at world number one with Steffi Graf, a tennis legend from Germany. Furthermore, Williams has 23 singles Grand Slam titles and four Olympic gold medals to her name. Those incredible stats don’t even begin to encapsulate her accomplishments.

While I’m not a huge tennis fan, Williams’ success has left a profound impact on me. His legacy transcends tennis.

Williams started playing tennis at a very young age. Richard Williams, her father, trained her and her sister, Venus, in the public courts of Compton, Los Angeles. The Williams sisters did not grow up rich with access to tennis facilities and private instructors. Considering the lack of resources, it’s remarkable that they managed to get to the top so quickly. Serena and Venus’ tenacity and hard work gave them an edge over the competition.

William’s talent and determination are motivating. As an athlete, I find William’s determination and diligence inspiring. She was able to rise from the bottom and make a name for herself. William’s unbelievable story makes me want to work harder and be the best version of myself.

Furthermore, Williams has since broken racial boundaries. Tennis used to be considered a predominantly white sport. Williams changed that. She opened the door to other black athletes in tennis, such as Naomi Osaka and Coco Gauff and serves as a role model for young black women.

While I’m not a huge tennis fan, Williams’ success has left a profound impact on me. His legacy transcends tennis”

— Gabriella Gerig ’23

In addition to addressing racial barriers, she also encouraged increased attention to women’s sports and inspired equality. Female athletes are often belittled and underestimated. I understand firsthand the challenges women face in athletics. Williams changed some of those perspectives with her pure athleticism and powerful play.

Williams helped redefine what it means to be a woman. A woman can be beautiful and strong. It’s not just good to be powerful and loud, it’s important. Additionally, Williams’ ability to emphasize femininity in strength improved body positivity in female athletes. It gave me, as well as other female athletes, the confidence to be themselves without remorse.

“But I’d like to think that, thanks to the opportunities offered to me, female athletes feel like they can be themselves on the court,” Williams said in her interview. Vogue column. “They can play aggressively and bang their fists. They may be strong, but beautiful. They can wear what they want and say what they want and kick their ass and be proud of it.”

Williams has become a symbol for black and female empowerment. She will forever be enshrined in athletics history not only as a highly decorated athlete, but as an inspirational figure.

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