NBA analyst dissects current Lakers roster problems, believes the team is not competent enough to win NBA Finals, even under the leadership of LeBron James

LeBron James and the LA Lakers hope to bounce back after a disappointing 2021-22 season. Although James has shown his ability to play at an elite level, questions surrounding the team continue to arise.

The Lakers have a lot of big-name players, but their performances last year were underwhelming. Russell Westbrook saw a rapid decline in his production after being acquired last offseason. Fellow star Anthony Davis continued to struggle to stay healthy.

After some interesting plays near the end of this offseason, many are wondering if the Lakers have enough to fight.

However, NBA analyst Brian Windhorst is not one of them. On a recent episode of “The Hoop Collective” podcast, Windhorst said he liked some of the Lakers’ additions, but that’s not how you win with James:

“I like the signing. What I don’t understand is how it fits together. Schroder is a terrible outside pitcher. He shot around 31% last year. Austin Reaves, who I think the entire Laker fanbase likes Another very good find from the Lakers scouting team and Rob Pelinka, who hit 32% as a rookie out of three.

“Patrick Beverley, I know there have been years in his career where he’s shot well threes. But last year he wasn’t one of them. And the year before he wasn’t. He went down three years in a row. his worst year.”

Windhorst continued:

“Now again, maybe playing with LeBron and AD, playing outside maybe he’ll get up again. But I’m just here to tell you. Sorry, that’s not how you win in the modern NBA. That’s not how you win with LeBron James. You just don’t win.”

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LeBron James and the LA Lakers hope to bounce back in 2022-23

LeBron James, forward for the LA Lakers.

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