“I don’t think about tennis anymore, I want to feel good”

Juan Martin Del Potro is undoubtedly one of the greatest tennis players of recent years, but his career has been severely hampered by injuries. Del Potro officially retired about seven months ago, losing in the Buenos Aires home tournament against Federico DelBonis.

Now Del Potro is working on the future, trying to find a solution for his future. The tennis player gave an interesting interview to La Nacion’s microphones, here are his specific words: “Unfortunately, I’m not ready to go further, I can’t go beyond tennis.

I don’t know what other athletes do in these situations, I tried several times to return to the court, but I realized in Buenos Aires that I had gone too far. I’ve been trying to understand what my life would be like without tennis for months, I’m evaluating other things.”

Del Potro: “I don’t think about tennis anymore, I want to feel good”

The former Argentine tennis player, winner of the US Open among other things, continued: “It was very difficult for me to make the decision to play in Buenos Aires, it was a turning point in my life.

For three years I had my mind on going back to the court, my only wish was to go back, then I realized it wasn’t possible. Now my job is to find a suitable treatment to improve the quality of my life, I won’t have to compete anymore.

I was wrong, my only thought was how to get back on the field, but in reality I just had to worry about what I was doing. To regain my well-being, I had to stop thinking about tennis. My goal is to live well and without any pain.

I want to find the solution.” Juan Martin Del Potro is very attached to Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, twenty-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments. In recent days, the Swiss announced his retirement and Del Potro published a touching social post to greet his former colleague and great darling.

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