Here’s how you can become the next NCAA president:

NCAA President Mark Emmert is in the final year of his term. This leaves the door open for you – yes, YOU, to become his successor.

Emmert, who heads the sport’s most incompetent body outside of FIFA, announced in April that he and the board of governors “have come to a mutual agreement” for him to step down. He said in a statement:

“Throughout my tenure, I have emphasized the need to focus on student-athletes’ experience and priorities. I am extremely proud of the Association’s work over the past 12 years and especially pleased with the hard work and dedication of the national office team here in Indianapolis.”

It’s pretty crazy that Emmert is proud of his work.

Job Application for NCAA President
President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Mark Emmert.
(Photo by Brett Wilhelm/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

He ran an organization designed to protect student-athletes, but didn’t do much to actually do so. Instead, the NCAA chose low-cost fruit and punished non-blue blood programs for minor infractions by doing so. much money and turning a blind eye to what was really happening across the country.

*cough cough college basketball scandal cough cough*

However, Emmert is out for the next 365 days and his replacement needs to be found. His replacement could be you!

Here’s how to become the next NCAA president:

As the NCAA looks for its next president, it has posted a job listing online. Anyone can apply, so be sure to do so!

Here is the paper description:

In accordance with the NCAA Constitution and Regulations, and under the supervision of the Board of Governors, through the leadership of the executive team, and in collaboration with Division I, Division II, and Division III, along with the Armed Forces conferences, committees, tasks , Athletics Directors, Coaches and Student-Athletes, the President will be tasked with leading the Association collectively towards a more sustainable business and governance model for the future while maintaining the Association’s mission and values.

The role of the president is for an individual who not only embraces uncertainty and change, but thrives on it. The spirit and passion for making college athletics a success for all its stakeholders in all its forms and levels. There are huge challenges ahead. Every challenge is an opportunity. We are looking for a ‘servant leader’ to approach solutions in an inclusive, collegial and innovative way. The ideal candidate will be derived from a diverse pool of experienced candidates with significant experience in a complex organization in an industry that is undergoing rapid change. The role of the President is to provide overall responsibility, accountability, and authority to manage not only the NCAA Headquarters office and staff, but also all internal and external stakeholders in the NCAA member community.

The fact that the NCAA Board of Governors is being VERY clear that they want a “servant leader” is hilarious. Basically, once you apply, if you get the job, you don’t have to do anything. The Council wants the president to let those around him lead. Sounds easy enough.

And you can’t be worse than Emmert! Now is your chance!

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