DC Soccer Louts can be hammered 22 hours a day during the World Cup

You can buy a beer for your soccer ball at any time of the day. Image by skynesher via Getty Images.

DC football fans can drink virtually non-stop during the November World Cup, thanks to legislation the DC Council passed on Tuesday. The “World Cup Emergency Amendment Act 2022” allows bars to remain open 24 hours a day and serve alcohol between 6am and 4am while football matches take place in Qatar.

It remains to be seen whether any bars in DC can truly service their establishments 24 hours a day amid a historic labor shortage.

In addition to cracking down on LGBTQ+ people, arresting and deporting workers who protested the medieval conditions under which they worked to build football infrastructure and arresting people who have sex outside of marriage, Qatar is seven hours ahead of the US. Matches start November 20th for sure: Qatar-Ecuador at 11am ET. On the following days, the games air at 5, 8 and 11 am, as well as at 2 pm, a time when you could at least have a drink.

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