Climate change activist lights himself up, tennis court catches fire during Laver Cup

A protester burns down during the Laver Cup.

A protester burns down during the Laver Cup.

A climate change activist set himself and the tennis court at London’s O2 arena on fire Friday during the Laver Cup, according to multiple reports.

The unnamed protester, dressed in a white t-shirt emblazoned with “UK private jets of the end”, carried a lighter with him before sitting on the court near the net to set fire to his arm and court in front of a stunned crowd that began whistling in disapproval. Two arena security officers rushed onto the court to put out the fire and before taking the protester away.

The protest delayed the second set between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman, according to reports.

The security guards eventually removed the man from the courtroom.

After the incident, Tsitsipas said, “It came out of nowhere. … I have never had an incident like this happen on the court.”

O Sink Cup issued a statement:

“A man entered the courthouse this afternoon and was promptly removed by security. The game was stopped briefly, he was arrested and the situation is being dealt with by the police.”

In June, a protester at the French Open attached herself to the net with wires and glue, disrupting the men’s semi-finals.

And in April in the NBA, a woman took to the court at a Minnesota Timberwolves game and stuck her hand on that court in protest at the factory egg farm of T-Wolves owner Glen Taylor. The woman, whose name is Alicia Santurio, wore a T-shirt that said “GLEN TAYLOR ROASTED LIVE ANIMALS.”

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