Casting tennis diamonds in BLTA’s ‘Play Tennis Bahamas’




The “Play Tennis Bahamas” program resumed Saturday at the National Tennis Center, where children ages five to 17 were instructed in tennis.

This program, which was instrumental in starting many tennis journeys, continues to be a catalyst for the development and growth of the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA).

To facilitate access to the sport that is sometimes considered exclusive, the requirement to pay for tennis lessons has been eliminated.

The program only requires a $1 administration fee and all tennis equipment is provided and tennis instruction is provided free of charge. We are able to offer these sessions free of charge due to the volunteering of tennis coaches, juniors and players.

The BLTA thanked those in the tennis community who continue to put service above themselves.

The organization has also asked people who want to help with the program in any way to email pr@blta. net or join us on Saturdays at 9am at the National Tennis Center. The program is expected to last 6-8 weeks and will serve to introduce young people to the sport and hopefully start a fire for other tennis activities.

Last Saturday’s session was sponsored by Fidelity Bank & Trust.

BLTA is grateful for Fidelity’s support as it continues to reach out to children in the wider community. Under the motto “We’re Good for you”, Fidelity provided oranges and water to participants and trainers.

BLTA President Perry Newton extended his thanks to the Fidelity team who partnered with the BLTA on this community-oriented program.

He stated: “The program has registered the participation of hundreds of children over the years and we know that sport is a positive medium for young people. We will never find these tennis diamonds if we don’t offer these sessions to the general population. We hope many will enjoy these free sessions.”

The next session of Play Tennis Bahamas will be held at 9 am on the 24th of September.

New entrants must register via email at and leave on Saturday at 8:45 am to register. There are also wonderful opportunities for adults to learn the sport – tennis is a sport for all ages. Rackets will be provided and players are required to wear tennis shoes on the court.

The sport is open to everyone, and the BLTA seeks to remove barriers to entry and we invite people to participate and play tennis.

We hope that all children who wish to learn tennis will have the opportunity, through this program, to pick up a racket and play tennis. We will continue to promote the development of tennis in the community as we are not only building tennis players but also building a stronger nation.

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