5 uncomfortable stories to watch out for

NBA Media Day

Keep an eye out for Russell Westbrook and Devin Booker at NBA Media Day (Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Training camp and preseason are widely seen as harbingers of a new basketball year, but the new season really starts on NBA Media Day. It’s an opportunity to officially bring players, coaches and staff together for the first time since the offseason revamped each group just a few months earlier. It’s usually a jolly day for players and fans alike, with plenty of fresh memes and juicy catchphrases for NBA Twitter to salivate over.

It’s also a great opportunity to clarify things that happened in the offseason, and this summer, there’s been a lot more off-court news than you’d expect. Between legal issues, organizational changes, harsh criticism and massive player movement, NBA Media Day 2022 will offer a scenario to clear the air and start fresh for many teams.

Keep an eye out for these stories, which may be strange but hover over the impending season.

NBA Media Day: Sarver will be front and center for the Phoenix Suns.

Aside from a few tweets, there still hasn’t been much chance for Phoenix Suns players and staff to talk about the report on Robert Sarver and his decision to sell his dominant stake in the organization. While he is far from a beloved figure, many of these players have certainly established some level of relationship with the man who has joined the team.

Sarver was present at games, practices, shootouts and promotional events for the Suns. Maybe the team would be better off if he was an absentee managing partner, but that wasn’t Sarver’s style. He liked to be seen and made his presence known. Therefore, each of these players will have an opinion about him and the situation that unfolded.

So even as the Suns try to focus on winning the top spot in the Western Conference once again, Sarver will still be in the spotlight for this organization — at least on NBA Media Day.

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