10 Best Utah State Players of the Last Decade

NCAA Basketball Brigham Young Cougars guard TJ Haws Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

March Madness throws the nation into a frenzy of parentheses and other emotions. But the world of NCAA basketball creates magical moments long before the calendar arrives in March. Teams cannot qualify for Big Dance if they don’t have impressive regular seasons. These teams won’t have these good seasons if they don’t have outstanding players on their rosters. It’s a trickle-down effect because these players don’t end up on these rival teams if they don’t excel in high school or prep school to attract the attention of recruiters.

Simply put, there’s a lot more to college basketball than just a few games in March and the players are the reason these memories happen. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of these players as we continue our series looking at the best college basketball players of the last ten years from each state. This series has been going on for two months and we’ve already seen a lot of these players create magical moments, but not every good player gets that chance.

The state of Utah hasn’t exactly created tournament champions or national player of the year in recent years, but there’s definitely talent in this state. This is not an article about the Utes or Utah State Schools, but you will see that most of today’s players stayed home and served in schools here in Utah. These aren’t simple and there were certainly a few that we couldn’t fit into today’s top ten.

This is just a reminder that this is not necessarily an article about Utah’s best high school players. For the quality of today’s piece, the player’s hometown should be listed as Utah. There isn’t necessarily a player today who hasn’t attended high school in his home state, but that’s a clarity we create with each piece, so we’re just being consistent. Utah has featured some memorable players this year, especially at some of these West Coast schools, so let’s start looking at who they are.

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