The NBA season hasn’t even started yet and some big-name players are already injured

What is this saying? Does bad news usually come in threes? Well, if you didn’t believe that theory before, it’s hard to argue now, after the news we’ve received over the last couple of days about three really good players heading into this upcoming NBA season.

It all started with Rob Williams, where seemingly out of nowhere we got the news that he was going back under the knife for a cleaning on his surgically repaired knee.

I won’t rehash my thoughts on this since I blogged it yesterday, but we’ve received an update that Brad Stevens is refusing to sign a veteran like Dwight Howard or Boogie. No matter how many frontline players he loses just before the season, he’s not going to do it. Instead, he’s bringing in Luka Šamanić to compete for a spot at the camp. Don’t worry if you don’t know who you are because you’re not a big fan of the Westchester Knicks. He’s a 6’10 first-round pick who’s never quite fit in at NBA level, but he’s only 22, so you never know.

So today we got the news that SGA has a grade 2 anterior cruciate ligament sprain

The good news is that the tweet didn’t include the word “tear” or “surgery”. The bad news is Google tells me it’s a similar 4-6 week recovery time for a Grade 2 MCL sprain, so if you’re someone who’s missed watching SGA play since OKC shut it down so they could sink in, looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer. My fear is that OKC will hold it for longer than 4-6 weeks because you know, Victor Wembanyama exists. That would suck because when the SGA is on the court he is really, really good and I personally miss seeing him play.

But perhaps the most disturbing news we received today was regarding Lonzo Ball.

The worrying part is, of course, the fact that even though Lonzo had his knee surgery in January, things are obviously still not looking good. I’m not a doctor so I’m not going to pretend I know the difference between his arthroscopic procedure and Rob’s arthroscopic procedure, I just know that it’s been over 9 months since the initial surgery and still feeling discomfort is a big problem. A big part of what made the Bulls so good for much of last year’s regular season was their Lonzo/Caruso backcourt. What this gave them defensively cannot be overstated, not to mention that Lonzo was shooting 42% (at 7 3PA) out of three in his 35 appearances before being shut down. As soon as he and Caruso were injured, we saw what happened. They couldn’t stop a nosebleed. I’d say that now makes the signing of Goran Dragic pretty significant and a guy like Ayo Dosunmu will likely have to take an even bigger leap. Same with Coby White.

I was a little surprised that Dragic ended up with the Bulls, but I wonder if they knew something like this was on the table with Lonzo, so they wanted more help from the NBA in the guard position. Given how tough the East must be, potentially not having Lonzo healthy and ready to go is a big problem. With Lonzo being his big free agent purchase last summer, worth 4/80M, I feel sorry for the Bulls fans. They just went through a year where things fell apart not because of their talent or system or anything like that. He fell through injuries, so dealing with that before camp even opens is difficult.

It goes without saying that all injuries are bad and the hope is that all three guys will be back sooner rather than later. All your teams will likely be SUPER cautious (especially the Celts/Bulls) but hopefully by the time we get to mid-November we won’t even think about these current injuries.

The next season is set to be one of the best seasons, perhaps, and I want them all in full force.

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