Tennis and the Janes family go back a long way

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Tennis has been played in the capital for a long time, but it seems like you have to go back far enough to find a time when a member of the Janes family didn’t compete in high school or college in Bismarck.

Anthony Janes plays number one singles for Legacy Sabers. Head coach Scott McPherson says that unfortunately he is the last member of the Janes gang to play for him. It is a time period that spans a couple of decades. Anthony is the youngest member of the family.

Scott McPherson, Legacy Head Coach, “Dad and I played tennis against each other in high school, so we’re the same age and they started having kids. Parents are both supporters of the sport. They introduced him to their children; the kids loved it. I think all of them except a couple didn’t play tennis but were just competing in other sports and all the way through they excelled. Sarah was the only female player, but she did very, very well. A very accomplished player. She ended up playing for U-Mary. Joe was a talented player at Century. Michael was obviously a state champion, he played for me in Legacy and now I have Anthony so it was a wonderful outing with the Janes family for sure.”

Janes and the Sabers have a big game with the Magicians on Thursday. Legacy and Minot started the day tied for first place in the WDA with 5-0 conference records.

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