Robert Sarver’s Serious Fear That NBA Has Been ‘Saved’ Amid Imminent Suns Sale

Phoenix Suns Governor Robert Sarver, the subject of much controversy after being found guilty of making misogynistic and racist remarks, has finally made the decision to relinquish ownership of the team. After initially being suspended for a year and fined $10 million, it was announced that Sarver had “started the process” to sell both the Suns and Phoenix Mercury, much to the chagrin of some such as LeBron James. However, it seems like there are plenty of people behind the scenes who are more than happy to see Sarver leave the esteemed group of NBA governors.

According to ESPN’s Adrian WojnarowskiThe NBA community will be relieved after being bailed out by Sarver’s decision, as they would not want to deal with the possibility of Sarver continuing to portray himself as a victim after his one-year suspension.

Wojnarowski wrote, “There have always been concerns that Sarver’s stubbornness and desire to paint himself as the victim would see him continue as an outcast in the NBA community, but his decision to sell the Suns and Mercury comes to the rescue of the league and its owned peers. . .”

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