Rashard Lawrence takes young cancer patient on the ultimate golf trip

Rashard Lawrence’s wife works with the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children in Scottsdale, and the illness affects the Cardnals’ advocacy on a personal level.

When Lawrence’s nephew was diagnosed with eye cancer, he felt the urge to help other families in similar circumstances.

Lawrence and his wife welcomed a family on Monday for Top Golf for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The celebration was for Nathan, a 6-year-old boy he hadn’t met yet. Nathan managed to ring the bell to celebrate the end of his treatment two weeks ago.

Nathan wore a red Cardinals shirt and a wide smile during the ride. This was the result Lawrence hoped to see.

“We wanted to play a family struggling with chemotherapy,” Lawrence said, “so we wanted to do something for him to bring him some happiness.”

Nathan’s family, including his two teenage older brothers Isaiah and Matthew, younger sister Jocelyn and younger brother Andrew, also attended the event.

Nathan posed for photos with Lawrence, Big Red and some Cardinals cheerleaders. Before everyone started playing golf, Lawrence provided Nathan with an autograph shirt and a goodie bag.

“Chemotherapy isn’t easy,” Lawrence said. “It’s hard on the child and the families. Giving them a happy night meant the world to me.”

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