Nets’ Kevin Durant Missed Top 5 on ESPN’s NBA Rankings

As the regular season draws ever closer, analysts are gearing up for an exciting season, and after putting together his definitive player rankings for this season, Durant is at number eight.

ESPN ranked its predictions for this year’s Top 100 Players and placed the aim in the top ten. This represents a significant drop from last year as analysts predicted Durant would be the best player in the league.


“No player has fueled the NBA’s summer talk more than Durant, after requesting, and then pushing back, a trade request from Brooklyn. How he fits into the Nets’ culture after requesting that coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks be fired is one of the most intriguing questions in the league,” ESPN said. “Beyond health, the big question for the Nets is whether Durant will remain committed to the team. After a season filled with emotional ups and downs for the organization, Durant’s trade request and the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons make the Nets one of the most fascinating stories in the NBA. But what happens if and when times get tough? Will the old frustrations grow?” asked ESPN reporter Nick Friedell.

Other Nets have made the top 100, but the skinny former MVP is the only Brooklyn Net to break into the top 10.

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