Litchfield Golf Savor Its Memorable BL Sequel

LITCHFIELD – The Litchfield High boys’ golf team took a trip to Hometown Pizza after returning to school after Tuesday’s treble match against Shepaug and Northwestern at Norfolk Country Club.
The Cowboys and coach Rob Gollow sat down, ate pizza, and reminisced about what everyone had been a part of.
Litchfield saw his 35-game winning streak in the Berkshire League over three seasons cut short in a loss to the Spartans.
The Cowboys beat Northwestern head to head 176-230, but lost to Shepaug 176-180.
Litchfield’s streak of 35 BL wins was the longest since Lewis Mills stole 40 in a row in 2011-14.
“This 35-win streak was crazy, exciting, stressful, fun all in one,” Gollow said, adding, “I have been golfing for 17 years and many other high school sports since 1991 and I will never forget this group of players and their achievements. This is something they will always be able to tell their grandchildren.”
Litchfield has had four cores over the course of the streak – Spencer White, Haydn Marriott, Christian Prindle and Tom Vailionis – and all are seniors this season.
“These four seniors really get along and ‘push’ each other all the time,” Gollow said.
Two years ago, there was also senior All-BL player Quinn Morse.
The top four moved after Morse’s graduation, and his fifth golfer was either Ben Muecke or Grace Thompson. Muecke and Thompson are in their second year this season.
Valionis, who had the low round to Litchfield in Monday’s loss with a 43, had two memorable moments last season.
On September 23, Vailionis hit the par 3 eighth hole at Norfolk Country Club to help Litchfield (184) beat Housatonic (191) and Zim McAuliffe’s medal round 1-35.
On September 29, Litchfield and Shepaug tied, 187-187, after four golfers at Litchfield Country Club. A fifth tiebreaker was needed, and Vailionis’ 55 was the difference in another Cowboy win.
White was the first All-State player in Gollow’s tenure as golf coach, and White hopes to do so in consecutive seasons.
He was the medalist for most wins in the streak. Monday wasn’t White’s best day, but it happens to everyone who plays the sport.
“None of this happens without him,” Gollow said of White’s contributions to the winning streak.
Litchfield made some incredible memories during a winning streak that spanned two and a half seasons.
The Cowboys want to start a new streak today against Housatonic at Canaan Country Club.

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