Hudson High Varsity Golf adds first female player in five years

Hudson High School Varsity Golf Adds First Female Golfer in Five Years
Leila Mullahey is the first female athlete to join the Hudson golf team in five years. (Photo/Caroline Gordon)

HUDSON – The Hudson High School varsity golf team welcomed a female athlete to tee off at the game for the first time in five years.

Leila Mullahey is a junior who “likes to keep busy” playing basketball, softball and now golf.

“They [the boys] they accepted Leila very well. In golf, we try to nail that family atmosphere. She became part of the family,” said varsity head coach Michael Notaro.

Mullahey said he decided to join the team so he could play with his brother and father over the summer.

When she first entered the field, Mullahey said she was nervous, but once she took her first swing, she said it was fun.

As Mullahey is new to the game, she said that practicing with the team has been helpful because they are always there for her when she has questions.

Notaro said that during a game of golf, six players will start the match and two players will serve as substitutes.

“Right now, I would say she could fight for a sixth, seventh or eighth place, which is pretty good,” he said.

Notaro, who also helps coach the junior softball team, said Mullahey’s sportsmanship and attitude make her stand out as an athlete.

“I’ve coached her for two years in softball and watched her play basketball. The way she handles everything about competition is amazing,” he said.

Notaro added: “A lot of girls don’t understand that they can play golf. We’re excited to have another girl on the show. I think she can help us get more girls involved.”

This year, there are no seniors playing for the golf team. Notaro said that although the team is young, he still has his sights set on playing in the district championship games.

“I think she’s going to help us win some matches,” he said.


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