DI Council modifies transfer rules for graduate students

Student-athletes who enroll at another school after graduation can now enter the Transfer Portal at any time, the Division I Council decided during its virtual meeting on Wednesday.

On August 31, the Division I Board of Directors adopted new transfer rules – effective immediately – that required student-athletes to log into the Transfer Portal during sport-specific transfer windows.

Following today’s Council action, student-athletes who intend to compete the following year as graduate students are exempt from these windows. Today’s action does not exempt students from the implications associated with the decision to enter the Transfer Portal, including the reduction or cancellation of athletics financial aid for the next term.

“The college application process takes place at the beginning of the year for graduate students, and today’s vote provides immediate relief for college students who are interested in taking graduate programs at other schools next year while they compete. in their sports,” said Lynda Tealer, vice president of the Division I Council and associate executive director of athletics for Florida. “The Board will continue to evaluate this issue and consider more permanent changes to the rules related to graduate participation.”

Graduate students will be subject to the deadlines for entering the Transfer Portal:

  • Autumn and winter sports: May 1st.
  • Spring Sports: July 1st.

The graduate transfer rules approved today are effective immediately. The Council will continue to discuss the application of the rules to graduate students.

FBS Scheduling Requirements — FCS Opponents

The Board also adopted a proposal recommended by the Football Oversight Committee that requires Football League Sub-Division programs targeting Football Bowl Sub-Division teams during the regular season to provide 90% of the maximum allowable football scholarships ( for a period of two consecutive years) in order for the game to be counted by that FBS program towards bowl eligibility requirements. To provide flexibility during the pandemic, the requirement for total purses provided by FCS programs has been reduced to 80% for play to count towards an FBS opponent’s eligibility.

The proposal was introduced in August by the Football Oversight Committee following a request earlier this year by FBS conference commissioners to review the eligibility scheduling requirements for bowls. The return to the 90% cap aligns the NCAA scheduling requirements for bowl game eligibility with the minimum scholarship requirements that FCS teams must meet in order to receive funds from College Football Playoff Grants (administered by the CFP, not by the NCAA national office).

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