3 Best Substitutes for Herm Edwards after Sun Devils Fire

Arizona State is a college football program with real long-term issues. A giant wave of outgoing transfers followed news of an NCAA investigation into serious recruitment violations by assistant coaches on head coach Herm Edwards’ team. Three games into the 2022 season, Edwards was gone after a 30-21 loss to East Michigan.

The Sun Devils are 1-2 looking at a remaining schedule that still contains three ranked opponents in Utah, USC and Washington in each of the next three weeks. It’s fair to say this season is a flop, and the show must look to the future.

As we’re focusing on the long-term future for the Sun Devils, the coaches who are currently employed but in the hot seat aren’t off the table, so let’s cut to the chase.

3. Scott Frost – Unemployed

The tormented former Nebraska coach was just fired at Lincoln, but there’s still a good coach somewhere inside Scott Frost. Just ask the UCF, which he guided to a 19-7 record in two seasons in Orlando, culminating in a 13-0 record in 2017 and a Peach Bowl victory over Auburn.

Frost was incredibly unlucky in close games, going 5-22 in games decided by a score or less, and while, yes, a good deal of that can be attributed to poor training decisions, it’s also impossible that this is a sustained trend. at Frost’s next show. Recruiting is a relative strength of Frost, who has earned the top 20 recruiting classes in three of his five seasons in Nebraska (as well as a 23rd place finish in 2018).

That kind of signing would bring some stability to an Arizona state football program that desperately needs it, though it remains to be seen whether Frost would like to coach on the west coast.

2. Bryan Harsin – Auburn (for now)

Someone who knows how to train on the West Coast is Bryan Harsin, and it’s no secret that he and the Auburn reinforcements don’t like each other. You’ll remember the various stories that came out last offseason about Harsin about his character and his coaching credentials. These were all pitched by Auburn boosters who don’t like Boise’s former head of state.

That could very well spill over once more and, in fact, Harsin is expected to leave the plains this offseason anyway. Harsin has experience recruiting on the West Coast and would bring a high profile to a show that could use some positive PR right now. He’s certainly a good enough trainer to do some damage to Pac-12.

1. Shaun Aguano – Arizona State Interim Coach

The reality of the situation is that the state of Arizona needs someone to keep the ship above water right now. If Aguano can make it through the rest of the season and keep the locker room intact, he deserves a chance as a full-time manager.

Stability is the name of the game for the Sun Devils, and if Aguano can do a halfway decent job with what he’s got, he’s almost certain to be the guy calling the shots in 2023. Maybe that’s the best thing for a show to do. is facing the possibility of serious scholarship reductions and/or banishment from the bowl for a season or two.

Either way, it’s going to take a serious effort to get Arizona’s state football program out of that 25-foot hole they’ve found themselves in. Their exit strategy determines who they will consider signing this offseason.

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