2022-2023 NBA Team Previews: Phoenix Suns Fantasy Breakdown

The Suns had a very questionable offseason. After telling DeAndre Ayton that he wasn’t a max player, and then benching him in the playoffs, they decided to match the mini-max offer he got on the open market, keeping him in the Suns. I’d be lying if I said I knew how this was going to work out, but I can’t wait to see it! Let’s take a look at the Suns’ fantasy assets.

Phoenix Suns fantasy preview

depth chart

post Beginner Backup
PG Chris Paul Cam Payne
SG Devin Booker Damion Lee
SF Mikal bridges Cam Johnson
Federal Police Jae Crowder Darius Saric
Ç DeAndre Ayton Bismack Biyombo

point guard:

As long as fantasy basketball season takes place during the NBA regular season, Chris Paul’s lineup will keep him in good shape. It’s in the playoffs that the wheels fall off for him. Last season, he averaged 10.8 assists, his most in a season since he was just 23 years old (he currently has 36). He also averaged 15 points per game and over 2 actions per game. I rank it as my 14th best PG pick of the year. If he falls in love with you, chances are you won’t regret it. He played in 60 games or more, except twice in his 16-year career. Don’t let his age scare you.

Shooting Guard:

Devin Booker continues to rise. There’s a reason Phoenix was Kevin Durant’s first choice if the Brooklyn Nets would heed his trade request. Book averaged 26.8 points per game last year, along with five rebounds and five assists. He was also no slouch on defense, playing in 1.5 shares. He hit 38% of three, at seven threes per game. He closed everything with 32%. usage rate, and he has averaged 30.1% over his entire career. He’s one of my favorite players to watch in the entire league, and it’s nothing short of amazing what he’s become, from that baby-faced kid from Kentucky. He’s my SG5 of the year. Make a list of it.

Small forward:

I don’t know what to do with Mikal Bridges. He averaged his career most points (14 PPG) at his highest career use rate (15%), but also suffered a big decline in his three-point shooting percentage. Going from 43% two years ago to 37% last year. I don’t know if this will result in him being told to film less, or if the Suns will consider this a bad year of filming and keep his role exactly as it is. Anyway, Bridges is not someone you aim for in fantasy. He is someone who falls for you. I have him as my SF17 in my ranking. I could see it going lower, more than I could see this ranking going up, as we got closer to the start of the season.

Forward power:

Jae Crowder is a waiver wire gauge fantasy asset. Look elsewhere.


DeAndre Ayton had averages of 17 and 10, with 1.5 shares. He was banned from the playoffs and rumor has it he wants out of Phoenix. He is talented? It is clear. I have him rated my C11 for the year. Could I see a world where he pouts or acts because he wants to get out of his situation and effectively kills his fantasy value? Absolutely. For the amount you would have to pay in working capital, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. You can find 17 and 10 from a player like Jonas on Pelicans, which is rated my C15, with much less risk.

Main bank players:

Cam Payne if there is an injury, Cam Johnson can get the starting minutes as a starter in 3 and D, and Dario Saric will be back from his season-ending knee injury. He’s big with guarding skills, and I imagine he’ll have more than 20 minutes a game with this team.





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