Watterson wins fifth consecutive CCL title

Sophomore Sophia Blum was in second and third singles for most of the season for the Watterson women's tennis team, which won its fifth consecutive CCL championship.

The Watterson women’s tennis team doesn’t take what’s at stake seriously every time they step onto the court.

With more than 20 athletes on the program, the Eagles have membership numbers that provide roster flexibility and rival those of Susan Weil’s 11 seasons as head coach.

While building relationships between team members has always been part of its focus, Watterson has also become CCL’s core program. He beat DeSales 3–2 on September 20 at Park of Roses to claim his fifth straight championship.

For players like junior Liz Hohlefelder, getting the attention the Eagles believe they deserve has always felt like an uphill climb.

“Tennis isn’t recognized very much, especially in Watterson, where a lot of people don’t know because we don’t have tennis courts at our school,” said Hohlefelder. “There are (school announcements) that say our record, but it’s definitely hard (getting exposure). We started off strong this year.”

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