Walling de St. Charles driving towards the second state pier

Leo Walling from St.  Charles, a junior at Powell, qualified for the Division I state tournament as a freshman but fell short last year.  He's averaging 73.3 this season.

A driver is typically custom-made for a top-tier golfer like a custom-made suit, but that was not the case for Leo Walling.

Powell Junior has a 73.3 average for the St. Charles, but has not yet chosen a pilot. This is something that will come with time.

“I didn’t have a driver for my entire game of competitive golf, but I was finally fit for one over the winter,” said Walling, who started playing tournaments at age 10. “I was playing with a driver from (Dan Gage), the main pro at Wedgewood, and I thought it was time to get one for myself.

“I used it at the US (Open Local) Qualifier at Scioto Reserve in May and banked it after that. It wasn’t for me. Since then, I’ve been using a Titleist demo we got from Wedgewood. I’m comfortable with that.”

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