Undefeated knights exclude Bulldog women’s football

By Holly Carpenter

The Missoula Hellgate Knights traveled to Butte on Tuesday afternoon to face the Butte High Bulldogs women’s soccer team for the second time this season. The undefeated knights came out with an 8-0 victory.

Butte started out a little slow and played reactionary football for the first half of the game, but still prevented most of Hellgate’s scoring chances. The team found some help in training the goalkeepers, which was evident today when Kaylee Lapier played with a lot of confidence, seeing things quickly and clearly. In the end, the Bulldogs completed more passes than their first match against Hellgate.

Butte Coach, Steve Shahan, said: “We did a great job of keeping our focus during a quick, physical game. Our girls are doing everything we ask of them and more.” Pleased with the improvement the Bulldogs are making, Shahan went on to say, “It’s getting harder and harder to identify our best players because so many are playing so well.”

The Butte Girls hit the road to face the Big Sky Eagles on Saturday, September 24th, the game starts at 1pm.

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