Touching gesture from Celtics’ Marcus Smart to Bucks’ Jrue Holiday

Boston Celtics star Marcus Smart is arguably one of the most intense individuals in the NBA. He’s had his fair share of on-court brawls against his opponents, and he’s not exactly the most beloved player among opposing fans.

Smart has had more than a few battles against the Celtics’ Eastern Conference rivals, the Milwaukee Bucks. He also had the opportunity to face Bucks point guard Jrue Holiday, and this showdown between two of the best defensive guards in the NBA has always been fun.

Whatever rivalry these two have on the basketball court, however, is nothing more than two competitors doing everything they can to help their respective teams win. Off the court, it’s clear that the Smart is a full-fledged class act. A testament to this fact is how the current Defensive Player of the Year recently made a considerable donation to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in honor of Jrue and his wife Lauren Holiday.

According to the Children’s Wisconsin Twitter account, Smart donated two “smart carts” to the hospital containing game consoles, tablets and other games and items. These carts will be used by children undergoing Infusion and Dialysis.

smart took to twitter to express their joy in this recent act of kindness:

“There would be no other way. Supporting children is greater than anything else. This is awesome and happy that kids will use it to take their minds off some serious stuff. Love it!” Smart wrote in his tweet.

Love him or hate him, what can’t be denied is that Marcus Smart has a big heart.

Jae Crowder

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