Top 15 GameDay guest selection options

Country music and sports legends run deep in eastern Tennessee. That’s why, with College GameDay heading to Knoxville this weekend for the Tennessee Football vs Florida Gators showdown, there’s a plethora of celebrities the team can choose from to find their celebrity guest. But who is the best option?

As we prepare to smash everyone ESPN should look at, we’re going to eliminate the people who have been guest selectors with the Vols before. This knocks out Phillip Fulmer and Steve Spurrier, who made the picks for UT-Florida in Knoxville in 2016, and knocks out Kenny Chesney, who made it in 2012.

Also, while his name keeps popping up, Morgan Wallen doesn’t. Fair or not, there’s been a lot of recent controversy surrounding him, and ESPN will try to avoid that. Still, there are other stars. These are College GameDay’s Top 15 Picks for the Celebrity Picker Between Tennessee Football and Florida.

Here are the top picks for ESPN’s College GameDay as a Saturday celebrity picker among Tennessee Football Volunteers and the Gators.

Kellie Harper speaks at a press conference at the CATCH98 film premiere at the University of Tennessee Student Union in Knoxville, Tennessee on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. CATCH98 features Tamika Catchings and retells the story of the 1997 Tennessee Lady Vols -98.
Kns Catch98 debut

15. Kellie Harper

She was on campus winning national championships for the Tennessee Lady Vols when the rivalry was at its height, including the legendary 1998 Rocky Top win. Now, Kellie Harper is the coach of the women’s basketball program, which is looking to have its best team since the last team made it to the Final Four, Pat Summitt’s 2008 national champions.

Add in the fact that it’s the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which played a huge role in women’s basketball taking off at the Rocky Top, and why not Kellie Harper as a guest? It would serve as a reminder that while Fulmer missed out on football, he nailed it with this signing.

Much of the optimism on campus now involves Tennessee football potentially being restored to prominence, but Harper is doing the same thing with Lady Vols. She was there when UT defended the women’s national soccer and basketball champions at the same time, so having her make choices would fit.

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