Shocking details emerge in Herm Edwards’ tenure at Arizona State after his dismissal

The entire sporting world saw it. Video of former Arizona State football coach Herm Edwards talking to the university’s athletics director and president on the field after a loss to eastern Michigan.

Shortly after the conversation, the university announced that Edwards had been fired amid an NCAA investigation that led to five coaches leaving the team. The video of Edwards’ final conversation with the Arizona state leadership before his resignation was shocking.

Edwards’ alleged actions, which included him and his team hosting recruits during the no-contact period, are also impressive. But there could be something even worse.

Shocking new details have emerged about Edwards’ tenure in Arizona state football, as reported by Doug Haller of The Athletic.

“An opposing coach recently told The Athletic that it wasn’t difficult to get information about this season’s team because some in Arizona State Athletics wanted a coach change.”

According to The Athletic, an opposing coach said Arizona State officials were quick to reveal information about the 2022 squad as they wanted Herm Edwards to leave.

Regardless of whether or not Edwards was heavily involved in the Arizona state football scandal, it is unimaginable that there would be members of his own team looking to hasten his eventual exit. Whether Edwards oversaw the gang of NCAA violations during his tenure at Arizona State or not, he deserves at least some blame as the show’s leader.

But Edwards didn’t deserve to have his own employees try to fire him. If these claims are true – and they’re certainly not the most shocking to emerge from the desert – then this is really eye-opening for college football.

TJ Finley, Auburn Football

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