Richmond women’s tennis falls short in double match

ROSports file photo: Coach Jessica Covington talks strategy with veteran Addison Massey during a match earlier this season. (Kyle Pillar, Sports Editor)

SOUTHERN PINES – The Richmond Senior High School women’s tennis team lost both ends of a doubles match at Pinecrest on Tuesday.

Playing both regular season games away from home as a result of an early season comeback, the Lady Raiders suffered 0-9 and 0-6 defeats.

A perennial power in the Sandhills Athletic Conference, the Lady Patriots have claimed nine shutout wins in both games.

“Whenever we play Pinecrest, we know it’s going to be a challenge,” said coach Jessica Covington. “Although we lost, I was proud of the girls’ efforts. When they fell, they didn’t give up and really tried to compete. The scores do not indicate how well they played.

“This is definitely a learning experience for the team,” he added. “Playing against good opponents makes you a better player, and I think the girls will take what they learned today and use it in the future.”

Mail #1

In the first match, only senior #1 Hana Oki and senior #6 Ashlyn Bouldin managed to earn a point in the singles match. Oki lost 2-8 to Brooke LaFrenz and Bouldin lost 1-8 to Gabby Hooper.

Neely Turner, Addison Massey, Hanna Smith and Maren Carter were all eliminated against their respective opponents.

The number 2 duo of Massey and Smith, along with the number 3 duo of Carter and Savannah Jordan, made competitive efforts for a win.

Massey and Smith lost 5-8 to Emma Medina and Sophia Pandich, while Carter and Jordan lost 3-8 to Eliza Hage and Cina Huston. Oki and Turner lost 0-8 in match #1.

match no 2

The second game saw only six total games played, all singles. At the. 3 Massey and No. 6 Bouldin managed to gain points against their respective opponents.

Bouldin’s three points was a team record in a 3–8 loss to Ella Boals, and Massey scored a point in a 1–8 loss to Estelle Kilpatrick.

This time, Oki, Turner, Smith and Carter all suffered shutdown losses. No doubles game was played on the doubleheader backend.

Richmond (3-5, 3-5 SAC) travels to Hoke County High School on Thursday, looking for the Lady Bucks to win the season. Singles matches will start at 4pm

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