RH: Floyd played on three NCAA teams as a shock

The Round House | 09/21/2022 15:51:00

Paul Suellentrop Byline

MaryAshton Floyd played four seasons of volleyball at Wichita State and contributed to some of the most successful teams from that 2012-15 season.

She often did her thing on the court. Off the court, she played an equally important role as a helpful teammate and role model. That instinct lingers in her post-college life, both as a counselor and youth coach. After Wichita State, she earned a master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University and works as a licensed professional counselor.

“I enjoy working with people and helping to train them and encourage them through different struggles in life,” she said.

She took a break from volleyball after playing as Shocker. She returned to the sport as a high school club and coach. She teaches private lessons now in Oklahoma City.

“I just enjoy working with the girls and helping them love the sport,” she said. “I missed it and I enjoy being around (the sport) again.”

Floyd plays sand volleyball and met Beau Fraley, her fiancé, at an indoor tournament in Oklahoma City. Wichita State’s current assistant coach Katie (Reilly) Zimmerman will serve as her maid of honor. Zimmerman and Floyd played together all four seasons at Wichita State.

“It’s crazy for her to be a coworker with (coach Chris Lamb),” Floyd said. “She loves the sport and loves training and is good at it, it was fun to hear how this transition is going back to a place we love so much as athletes. It’s a cool thing to see her do that.”

In the state of Wichita: Floyd, who played away, won All-Missouri Valley Conference honors in 2014 after hitting .218 with 269 kills. As a freshman, she played in 13 games for a team that defeated Kansas and Arkansas to advance to the NCAA Sweet 16. She played on the 2013 and 2015 Shocker teams that won MVC titles and advanced to the NCAA.

Update us on your current location and life status:
I now live in Oklahoma City and work as a licensed professional counselor in a private practice doing various types of mental health counseling. I specialize in eating disorders, sports performance anxiety, and general anxiety and depression.

Besides, I’m about to get married in the fall to Beau Fraley.

What was your specialization at Wichita State?
Psychology with a specialization in sociology

Why did you choose the state of Wichita?
I chose Wichita State because I loved the culture of athletics and I knew when I arrived on campus that I felt at home. I loved the people and the chance to compete at this level.

Aside from the sport you played as Shocker, what was your favorite sport?
I also love WSU basketball.

Which teammate helped you adjust to university life?
Katie (Reilly) Zimmerman – she is still my best friend and will be my maid of honor at my wedding in October.

What are your favorite memories of college athletics?
I loved training and playing with my best friends every day. So many great games and wins and losses, but I loved dressing up every weekend and going out and playing with my team. There’s no better place than Koch Arena!

What advice would you give to a person starting their athletic career in college?
Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically and try to maintain perspective. It’s big business to play college athletics, but it’s still a game and only four to five years into your long, beautiful life.

What book would you recommend for current college students?
“Boundaries” by Cloud & Townsend

Paul Suellentrop covers Wichita State Athletics and the American Athletic Conference for University for Strategic Communications. “Catching up” is a regular feature highlighting ex-Shockers. Story suggestion? Contact him at paul.suellentrop@wichita.edu.

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