NBA insider shares grim outlook for Kevin Durant and Steve Nash next season: “Nash has to coach this team knowing their best player wanted him fired. Durant has to play knowing the Nets didn’t make a good faith effort to deal with it.”

Kevin Durant and Steve Nash had an extremely difficult summer trying to deal with the Brooklyn Nets and each other. After KD requested a trade over the summer, the Nets spent a few months entrenched in every possible rumor that could be plausible. However, many things were spilling over from rumors to actual facts.

One such thing was the revelation that KD wanted Sean Marks and Steve Nash fired, something Joe Tsai unwittingly confirmed by tweeting his support for his team after the story broke. With KD agreeing to rejoin the team, it might not be as difficult as people expect.

Joe Vardon of The Athletic said the Nets not making a real effort to trade KD and keeping Nash with KD on the same team could have detrimental effects on the Nets this season.

“At first, the Nets told Durant they would work with him to fulfill his trade request. They got calls and offered offers, but at every turn they made outrageous demands from potential trading partners. shoulders shoulders and say, “Sorry champion, we tried. You are very valuable. All the while knowing they were never serious. If they were, they would have taken a serious look at the offer from Jaylen Brown and Derrick White of Boston and traded. As you know, the Nets’ summer ended with Durant still in Brooklyn. And Irving. And Nash and Marks.

Nash has to coach this team knowing his best player wanted him fired. Durant has to play with the knowledge 1.) The Nets apparently didn’t make a good faith effort to deal with him; 2.) Your friend Irving may be out of the house, if not this year on a trade, then next summer as a free agent. (h/t Atletico)

Will the Nets make it through the season?

If the team is healthy and on the same page, the Brooklyn Nets are without a doubt one of the best teams in the league. However, there are a lot of questions about the franchise right now. Is Kyrie Irving motivated and ready to play 60+ games this season? Is Ben Simmons back from his nagging injuries? Finally, is Kevin Durant motivated to lead the Nets to a championship?

These questions will cast a dark cloud over the Nets until they can step onto the court to prove us wrong. If Steve Nash has lost KD’s respect, he will have to regain his star. If he doesn’t, the team could be in more trouble than we all know on the surface.

It is imperative that both Nash and KD can let this summer go and focus on winning a championship this season. Perhaps if that happens, the situation will be remedied now and in the future.

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