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The NBA and NBPA are in talks to change the age of the draft. This will allow players to re-draft straight from high school.

Schedule and technicalities

Since 2005, a player entering the NBA draft must be nineteen years old during the calendar year of the draft. The player must also be a year away from high school graduation, or a year of what would have been high school graduation. These rules followed the collective bargaining agreement, or CBA. NBA and NBPA negotiate this deal

Starting in December, there is a potential window for change as the NBPA looks to opt out of the current CBA and renegotiate. It seems the NBA is also on board with the changes. The rule change could take effect as early as 2024, affecting high school graduates from that year.

No doubt these high school recruits will become NBA stars like Tracy McGrady and Kevin Garnett.

college implications

One question many may be asking is what this means for college basketball. There has been a lot of talk about trying to end the one-and-done phenomenon in college basketball. Players who spent just one year in college accounted for nearly half of the lottery picks in the NBA draft over the past ten years.

NBA teams believe that it is best to select high school players so that they immediately receive NBA training. Colleges have also had their own frustrations as it has been difficult to build chemistry with players only available one season. Despite complaints, some schools, like Duke and Kentucky, have benefited greatly from the rule, simply getting the best recruits from the countries every year and bringing them to the NBA.

New NIL rules in college athletics will also play a role. Some high school students can still choose to play a year in college and be rewarded handsomely without being professional yet. There is no easy solution to the problem.

The new CBA determined in December will change the basketball landscape for young players around the world.

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