JR Smith criticizes Jae Crowder for not paying debt

The 2017-18 Cleveland Cavaliers remain one of the most interesting teams in NBA history, even five years later. From feisty teammates to defensive failures, the Cavaliers had enough midway through the 2018 season when they blew up half their roster and yet ended up heading to the NBA Finals carried by an inhuman LeBron James. Past beef between two former Cavs teammates JR Smith and Jae Crowder in particular could be surfacing once again.

On Twitter, JR Smith (TheRealJRSmith) responded to Jae Crowder’s message tweet (CJC9BOSS) on lamenting the missed opportunities he had in the NBA Finals, calling out the alleged debt Crowder owes the former NBA Sixth Man of the Year.

“I’d rather have that bread you owe…” wrote Smith.

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