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37th Annual Heck’s Golf Competition

september 17

in the valley

CO-CHAMPIONS: Rob Hall, Bob Hall, Ethan Thomas (-16), Terry Davidson, David Johnstone, Shane Heasley (-16)

Runner-up: Michele Davidson, Glenda Ward, Sam Ward (-12), Robert Rothermund, Pam Rothermund, Dante Losurdo (-12)

OTHER TOP FINISHERS: Tim Bisler, Chuck Gamble, Nick Bayer (-11), Vince Deluco, Rich Summers, Mike Mancuso (-10), Bob Perry, Tony Perry, Frank Fife (-10), Eric Davidson, Joe McAndrew, Mitch Cyrus (-9), Ken Dicross, Rus Felger, Nate Nesselrote (-9), Bob Rivello, Joe Beturra, Sam Corelly (-9).

PUTT FURTHER #1: Ethan Thomas, Tim Biser

CLOSEST TO PIN #2: Rob Hall, Nick Bayer

LONGEST PUTT #3: Bob Hall, Robert Rothermund

CLOSEST TO PIN #4: Ethan Thomas, Bill Kegelmyer

LONGEST DRIVE #5 (Seniors): Mike Mancuso, Chuck Gamble

LONGER JOURNEY #5: Matt Sidell, Dante Losurdo

PUTT FURTHER #6: Dana Meissner, Fred Unger


LONGEST PUTT #8: David Johnstone, Fred Unger

LONGER JOURNEY #9 (ladies): Glenda Ward, Pam Rothermund


CLOSEST TO LINE #10: Alex Bable, Ed Alesi

CLOSEST TO PIN #11: Rob Hall, Fred Unger

CLOSEST TO LINE #12: Ryan Schmidt, Joe Bettura

CLOSEST TO PIN #13: Glenda Ward, Tony Perry

PUTT FURTHER #14: Shane Heasley, Tony Perry

CLOSEST TO LINE #15: Pam Rothermund

CLOSEST TO LINE #16: Nic Deville, Vince Deluco

PUTT FURTHER #18: Glenda Ward, Mike Mancuso

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