‘He Was Jesus, He Was Not The Messiah’: NBA Legend Admits He Almost Teamed Up With Michael Jordan If It Wasn’t For The Bulls Ditching Him At The Last Second

The Chicago Bulls of the 1990s were a threat to their opponents in the NBA. The team, led by one of the greatest, Michael Jordan, went on to embark on a dominant period of exquisite basketball. They delivered six notable NBA titles to Windy City in just eight years.

However, before winning the league, MJ and the Bulls had to end the dominant run of another formidable team. The Detroit ‘Bad Boys’ Pistons had the late 1980s under control with their aggressive, direct defensive play. They won the 1989 and 1990 NBA crowns and bested the Chicago Bulls several times in the process.


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John Salley, known as the “Spider” due to his defensive prowess, was a key member of this Pistons team. His long wingspan, coupled with his unwavering intensity, allowed him to be a defensive threat on the court. He won four NBA championships while being an advocate for every team he took his talents to.

Basketball: NBA Playoffs: Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan (23) in action, kick against Detroit Pistons John Salley (22). Game 2. Detroit, MI 5/22/1990 CREDIT: Manny Millan (Photo by Manny Millan /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

He kick-started his championship-riddled career as a Piston. Ironically, Salley was almost drafted by the Chicago Bulls, a team he claimed to hate as a Detroit Pistons player.

John Salley Claims He Almost Joined Forces With Michael Jordan, But The Bulls Hired Someone Else

Talking about ‘The Byron Scott Podcast’, the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls theme was played. John Salley has stated that he has known the six-time NBA champion since his college days.


NBA legend Michael Jordan, who has won 706 games in his career, knows no rules when it comes to playing Pong.

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He commented that it was still not the Jordan to which the world later became accustomed, saying: “He was Jesus, he was not the Messiah. He became the Messiah, he just started with Jesus.”

Salley later revealed that the Bulls told him they would draft him ninth overall in the 1986 NBA draft. However, they ditched the former Georgia Tech player at the last second and drafted someone else.

“Later, Chicago told me they were going to draft me to number nine. said Salley. “And I’m talking to him (Michael Jordan), knowing this is going to be great. David Falk is my agent, his agent… so I’m staying with MJ. I’m going to Chicago, this will be in line. And they take Brad Sellers.”

The Chicago Bulls rejected John Salley in favor of a six-foot-tall scrawny named Brad Sellers. The change was not popular with the Bulls fanbase or beneficial to performance as a whole. While Salley fit like a glove into the Detroit Pistons’ game plan.


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However, the four-time NBA champion got the chance to play with Michael Jordan when he joined the Chicago Bulls in the 1995 off-season. In his only season with the Bulls, he didn’t have much playing time. However, Salley was able to add to his ring collection as the Bulls won their fourth title of the decade that season.


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