Fulton women’s tennis loses away matches against Mexico and Capital

Fulton’s women’s tennis lost 7-2 to Mexico on Monday in Mexico, Missouri, and 9-0 to Capital City on Tuesday in Jefferson City.

The Hornets’ two victories against the Lady Bulldogs were the #1 singles match and the #1 doubles match.

Fulton’s Jayna Davison beat Katherine Gooch 10-3, while the Hornets’ doubles team Davison and Kier Henderson defeated Gooch and Jyllian Whitworth.

In the other Hornets singles, Fulton’s Tori Hays lost 10-0 to Estrella Ramirez-Lopez, Madi Plybon lost 10-0 to Jocelyn Jarquin-Garcia, Henderson lost 10-2 to Whitworth, Marwa Sherzad lost by 10 to 8 for Lani Blair. and Maelyn Kramer lost 10-4 to Messiah Simpson.

In Fulton’s other doubles matches, Hays and Plybon of the Hornets lost to Ramirez-Lopez and Jarquin-Garcia and Sherzad and Kramer lost 10-2 to Blair and Simpson.

Singles match #4 and doubles match #3 were the Hornets’ two close-ups of their nine losses to the Cavaliers. In the singles match, Henderson lost 8-6 to Leslie Locke, while Plybon and Henderson lost by the same score in doubles to Carly Carron and Brooke Ivy.

In Fulton’s other singles matches, Davison lost 8-4 to Sarah Wilde, Hays lost 8-0 to Megan Wilde, Plybon lost 8-4 to Manveeta Vuppala, Sherzad lost 8-3 to Carron, and Kramer lost 8-1 to Ivy .

The Hornets’ other doubles results were Davison and Kramer losing 8-0 to Wilde and Locke and Hays and Sherzad losing 8-0 to Wilde and Vuppala.

Fulton (3-9) will return to the court for a match against Kirksville (3-6) at 4:30 pm Thursday in Fulton.

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