Carlos Alcaraz gives his verdict on what the next great tennis rivalries could be

Carlos Alcaraz, 19, reveals that he celebrated becoming the new number 1 in the world by going out with his team for dinner. In the final of the US Open, Alcaraz defeated Casper Ruud to become a Grand Slam champion and the youngest player in tennis history.

Alcaraz’s US Open triumph only generated more comparisons with the Big Three. “The night I became number 1, I was lucky to have my dad, my uncles, my brother, my whole team and some friends with me,” Alcaraz told Marca.

“We had dinner at a friend’s restaurant in New York, but we didn’t have much time for anything else. [Being compared to the big three] It’s not a pressure, I like to play tennis and when I like the results come.

I usually smile in tense moments of matches, and being on the court gives me pleasure. I don’t know how I’m going to compare myself to them, they’ve been here for 20 years, they’ve won everything and I’m just getting started.

I want to continue on my own path. But what I can compare with them is the desire to improve every day. That’s what I want. Tennis evolves and you have to move with it.”

Alcaraz in which three players can form the next great rivalries

Alcaraz was asked which three players, including himself, could make the game’s next big rivalries.

“[Jannik] sinner and [Alexander] Zverev,” Alcaraz said. “There will be a very good rivalry with Sinner. It’s worth watching our matches and we’re good friends like Rafa and Federer.” Alcaraz and Sinner, 21, in fact, have a great rivalry in the making.

In the round of 16 of Wimbledon, Sinner defeated Alcaraz in a big four-set match. A few weeks later, Sinner defeated Alcaraz in three sets in the Umag final. Alcaraz got revenge at the US Open, where he saved a match point and bounced back from a fifth-set breakout to beat Sinner in the quarterfinals.

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