10 Best Tennessee State Players of the Last Decade

NCAA Basketball Dayton Flyers guard Jalen Crutcher Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There are hundreds more NCAA basketball programs than teams in the NBA or other professional leagues. That’s one of the reasons why this sport is harder to follow for some fans. Even die-hard fans don’t know everything about every random Division 1 team, but is that really a problem? What’s important is what happens at the NCAA Tournament, when ignored shows and unfamiliar names become familiar in homes and bars across the country.

Even before the start of the NCAA Tournament, many legacies are being created. Our focus today is the continuation of our long-running series, looking closely at the best college basketball players of the last ten years from each state. Not every player on these lists has that NCAA Tournament moment or that chance to stand out on the sport’s biggest stage. However, the state of Tennessee has managed to produce some incredible talent for all of us to watch.

Today it’s not about the Volunteers, but we’re going to see them mentioned a little bit in the next slides. Today’s focus is on players from that state. While many don’t exactly see Tennessee as a hotbed of basketball talent, it has actually produced an immense amount of talent in recent years. The players on today’s roster aren’t necessarily big names or postseason heroes, but none of them can be considered unimpressive or unworthy of inclusion.

Tennessee actually produced; this is something that we will certainly have confirmed by the end of the article. Today’s players are all from the state, with their hometowns listed as Tennessee. It doesn’t matter where a player went to school or college, as this is not an article about the best players who went to college in this state. Anyway, we’re looking at a lot of fantastic players starring in the last ten years; Let’s go straight to the rankings.

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