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The Worthington Women’s Golf Association announced the winners of the August games at their September business meeting. In the first row from the left, Lois Boise, Margie Santer, Linda Lucky, Oma Jean Lynch. In the second row, Barbara Payne, Mary Ingram, Carol Geletko, Debbie Full, Sue Ellen Johnson, Jan Kiger and Mary Smith. In the back row, Shelly Hess, Mina Applebaum, Ellen Knotts, Lori Butler, Donna Gaston and Carol Ramsey. Winners not pictured: Linda Hedrick, Mary Lopez, Pat Westbrook, Ruth Ann Lynch, Ann Boyce and Barb Hupp. (Photo provided)

PARKERSBURG – The Worthington Women’s Golf Association held its business meeting in September and announced the winners of the August games. Members elected officers for 2023 and finalized plans for the closing lunch.

Winners were announced and prizes awarded to 18-hole players: Linda Hedrick, Mary Ingram, Jan Kiger, Debbie Full, Mina Applebaum, Mary Lopez, Carol Ramsey, Shelly Hess, Margie Santer, Pat Westbrook and Sue Ellen Johnson.

Nine-hole players who received awards for the August games were Linda Lucky, Ellen Knotts, Ruth Ann Lynch, Barb Payne, Oma Jean Lynch, Ann Boyce, Donna Gaston, Barb Hupp, Lois Boise and Mary Smith.

The elected officials for 2023 are President Mina Applebaum, Vice President Lori Butler, Secretary Andrea Brock, Assistant Secretary Sue Ellen Johnson, Treasurer Mary Ingram, Assistant Treasurer Katie Parsons, Representative Mary Ellen Eddy and Councilor Jean Turns. The elected nominating committee includes Susan Cockerham, Ruth Ann Lynch and Jean Tornes.

The association will end its season with the two-day tournament, September 12 and 19, which will determine the 2022 Club Champion. The season will conclude with the annual holiday lunch on October 4, when the 2023 officials will installed.

The 2023 season will start with a coffee on April 24th. The weekly game will start on May 1st. All area golfers are welcome and should keep an eye out for more details as the next season approaches or call Worthington Golf Course.

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