Women’s football battles the #6 butler in a close contest – Dodge City Daily Globe

Mike Smith DCCC Director of Sports Information

For the fourth game in a row, the Dodge City women’s soccer team faced ranked opponents from the KJCCC, this time receiving the 6th Butler and playing the Grizzles, but fell 2-0.

Conquistadors who have lost eight of their last nine meetings to Butler would face the Top 10 Grizzlies hard and their closest loss to Butler during their last 10 meetings. The 2-0 loss moves Conqs to 1-4-1 and 0-4 in KJCCC action.

Conqs would challenge throughout the first half, but would see Butler enter the board first in the 19th minute. As the first half progressed, the Conqs would have a few opportunities to potentially tie the contest, including a free kick to Sian Cha just at the top of the box after a yellow card from goalkeeper Butler. Cha would send the free-kick into the goal and hit the crossbar and later in the first half the Conqs had some other looks but failed to score 1-0 at half-time.

In the second half, the Conqs saw Butler control the ball most of the time and extend the lead to 2-0 in the 53rd minute. The Conqs continued to advance to the wire but were unable to break the fall 2-0.

Shooting opportunities were nearly equal as Butler topped Conqs 1310 but went 8-3 on goal shots in the game. Joelle Brand was solid in goal recording six saves, both Cha and Alexandra Sibrikova recorded three shots.

Conqs will host Cidade Jardim on Wednesday, September 21 to continue the season starting at 8pm.

Dodge City CC women’s soccer player Femke Wiedeman moves the ball across the field against #6 Butler, while the Conquistadors battled top-ranked KJCCC team all the way to the wire, going down 2-0. [PHOTO BY Karen Marquez/Dodge City CC Athletics]

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