Week 3 of the OFD Readers Survey: Measuring your confidence in Notre Dame football and your love of green

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, an NCAA-wide fan poll. Throughout the year we ask questions to the most connected Notre Dame Fighting Irish fans and fans across the country. Sign here to participate.

It’s time once again for Reacts, where we ask our One Foot Down readers to give us the pulse of the Notre Dame athletic community. This week’s four-question pack is again focused on the football team.

We will continue to ask the trust question to get a sense of where we have been and where we collectively believe we are going. The final three questions we address – to varying degrees – in the most recent One Foot Down podcast.

Since we’ve blamed Marshall for last week’s unforgivable loss, it’s time to ask: which position coach deserves more credit? You appreciated the push Hiestand’s pigs were getting in the line of scrimmage. How about the Washington warriors harassing Jack Plummer? Is Tommy Rees doing his job?

DraftKings, the official sports betting partner of SB Nation, has Saturday’s game against North Carolina as a “pick”, so we ask: is this a big win for Drew Pyne and company? A tight victory? A near loss? Or a blast loss?

Finally, to further cement the notion that green shirts are not bad luck, we asked: What should happen to the duds we saw players on Saturday? Mothballs or start using all green all the time?

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