WATCH: $100M LIV Golf Star Cameron Smith is Brutally Roasted in Chicago

Cameron Smith is not unknown to anyone who really follows the golf world. The ace is at the top of the world ranking. Second, the Australian professional golfer continues to make rounds for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s his decision to switch to LIV Golf or the money that comes with it, Smith is thrust into the spotlight far too often.

He recently had to face public scrutiny online. Cameron was heavily roasted by the hosts of a podcast. They joked about everything from their pants to their style of play. Being in the public eye is certainly not an easy task to keep track of.


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Cameron Smith is roasted

Apparently, not even the Worlds. 2 is not safe to bake. Cameron Smith recently tackled a daring roast in Chicago. Happened on a weekly golf podcast hosted by Blake Webber, Jake Adams, Griff Pippin and Mark Smalls

The host and comedians did what the internet called a “funny” roast around Smith. even said, “Number two golfers in the world, number one flightless water bird.” The roast, however, did not end so easily.

The hosts also mocked the pro golfer for his pants being ironed. His exact words were, “Dude Cam, thanks so much for ironing your pants. We are sure the owner of this course really appreciates it.”

Clearly, even the $100 million LIV golf star is not safe from being trolled online.

April 17, 2021; Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA; Cameron Smith inspects the fourth hole green during the third round of the RBC Heritage golf tournament. Mandatory credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Furthermore, they also discussed his mustache. They said, “His mustache is so thin it gives directions instead of walks.” The roast went on and on. While some social media users appreciated them for the content, others were quick to point out how some parts weren’t so funny.

Smith’s move to LIV Golf

Cameron Smith’s move to LIV Golf not only added money to his account, but also added to the criticism he received from traditionalists.


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Golf – The 150th Open Championship – Old Course, St Andrews, Scotland, Great Britain – July 17, 2022, Australian Cameron Smith celebrates with Claret Jug after winning the Open Championship REUTERS/Phil Noble TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Smith also spoke about his reasons for making the switch. He said, “The biggest thing for me to get in is [LIV’s] schedule is really compelling,” Smith said. “I will be able to spend more time at home in Australia and maybe have an event there too. I wasn’t able to do that, and getting that part of my life back was really appealing.”

Recently, he also suggested that LIV Golf also have a world ranking points system, like the PGA Tour. How it would reinforce players to improve their game.


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