Training camp approaches, key dates and double draft

The NBA season is almost here! No, seriously, coffee tastes sweeter this morning as we sit exactly a week away from NBA Media Day with the OKC Thunder squad meeting with those of us in the media on Monday, September 26, when the boot camp opens the next day. The Oklahoma City Thunder will begin their preseason on October 3, with the NBA’s first preseason game taking place on September 30.

This week, we’ll be listing some key NBA dates, plus the league is leaking some information about the new CBA that could include a play-in tournament, lowering age requirements to enter the NBA Draft, and advancing Mental Health. awareness and treatment.

OKC Thunder Weekly Notebook, Oklahoma City Thunder Season Is Coming, Important Dates, CBA Updates, and NBA Draft Changes

The Oklahoma City Thunder is about to return to hardwood in Bricktown. Here are some important dates to keep in mind to move forward as we head back into the NBA season!

Key Dates in the Oklahoma City Thunder 2022-23 Schedule

  • Media Day, September 26
  • Training camp, September 27
  • Pre-season opener, October 3
  • Preseason game at the BOK Center in Tulsa, October 5
  • The preseason game against Josh Giddey’s NBL team, October 6
  • The roster must be defined (OKC must move from three standard NBA contracts) on October 17
  • The regular season opener, October 19
  • October 22 NBA G-League Draft
  • Regular season opener at home, October 23
  • NBA G-League Begins, Nov.
  • The ten-day offers are eligible to be subscribed, January 5th
  • Two-way deals are guaranteed for the rest of the season, January 20
  • NBA Trade Deadline, February 9 at 3 pm Eastern
  • NBA All-Star Weekend February 17-19
  • All-Star Break ends on February 22
  • The NBA Regular Season Ends April 9
  • 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, May 16
  • 2023 NBA Draft, June 22

Along with these important dates, the NBA is also negotiating a new CBA for the league, with that comes rules and financial changes for the NBA. One of the biggest rule changes would be the potential changes to the 2024 NBA Draft and beyond.

O The NBA is currently looking to eliminate the “one and go” rule and allow high school players to enter the NBA Draft.. That would possibly start in 2024, when the OKC Thunder could end up with up to four picks on their own and for the Clippers, as well as owning the Houston Rockets (top four proteges) and Utah Jazz (top ten proteges) that season.

Odds are the Utah Jazz will be one of the ten worst teams in 2024, but there’s hope that the Houston Rockets pick might pass, barring some crazy luck in the lottery. At this point, the Rockets should be fighting for a spot in the play-in, or the lottery back-end just based on how stacked the Western Conference is.

Other rumored changes include the addition of a tournament in the season and the addition of the ability to cite Mental Health as a reason why a player needs time away from the team or game, as well as for physical injuries.

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