Tennis: Federer wants to say goodbye with Nadal in Laver Cup

Roger Federer will bid farewell to tennis next week Sink Cupbut it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to compete in singles matches.

The Swiss legend has said the team event will be his last appearance in top-level tennis as his ongoing knee problems have dashed any hope of a full comeback.

These issues can prevent you from appearing in a singles match in Sink Cup too, although he is targeting a doubles appearance to close out the day on Friday.

“Maybe I can play doubles with Rafa [Nadal]that would be an absolute dream,” Federer told SRF News.

The two have already played side by side in the 2017 Laver Cup, which was the first edition of the tournament.

Federer stated that his decision to retire was not made until recently. During your last visit to Wimbledon he was convinced he could still play in a few more tournaments, but a closer look at his knee needed those hopes.

“It can’t be that I’m trying to run after something that’s not realistic anymore,” he said. Federer also stated that he is proud “to have played for so long and to have so many fans”, adding that “to be number 1 you have to give a lot, give a lot. But in return I got to travel all over the world and meet people and interesting cultures.”

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