NBA executive believes the Miami Heat were more effective during the 2022 NBA playoffs with Gabe Vincent at point guard instead of Kyle Lowry

An NBA executive said the Miami Heat were better off with Gabe Vincent at point guard than Kyle Lowry during the 2022 Playoffs.

The Miami Heat reached the Eastern Conference Finals and were one shot away from beating the Boston Celtics in Game 7 to reach the NBA Finals. However, the Heat dealt with a number of issues on their roster regarding the health of their players throughout the season. Despite this, the team was a formidable second seed in the East and made it to the ECF.

Kyle Lowry was struggling for good health in the playoffs, going through extremely difficult times throughout the postseason. An unnamed NBA executive spoke to and revealed that they felt more confident in guarding Gabe Vincent during the playoffs and did not sign a backup PG due to their reliance on Vincent.

“Go back and watch them in the playoffs last year. I think the dirty secret is that they were better with Gabe Vincent on the floor than they were with Kyle Lowry. Now, to be fair to Lowry, he wasn’t healthy, that much was obvious. But on the other hand, they were really nice to Vincent there. He didn’t play the lights out, but he managed to pass the ball to Jimmy [Butler] and get out of the way, then throw some defense on the other side. So they are fine with him as a backup.” (h/t Heavy)

Did the Miami Heat have a good offseason?

The Miami Heat objectively had one of the weakest offseasons in the NBA this year. They were involved in doing commercial packages for the likes of Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant, but they didn’t get any of the stars. Meanwhile, they watched PJ Tucker walk to conference rivals, the Philadelphia 76ers.

The lack of additions to the core rotation could be a big concern next season, especially with the Eastern Conference getting stronger. Teams like the Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks are better positioned to anger teams like the Heat after acquiring Western Conference guards like Dejounte Murray and Jalen Brunson.

Lowry can still be extremely useful to the Heat in the playoffs as a former champion, but the team around him and Jimmy Butler needs improvement. The only question everyone will have is whether there is still enough on the market for Miami to improve its situation.

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