NBA Draft Scouting Report: Sidy Cissoko of G League Ignite – NBA Draft Digest

Sidy Cissoko

Guard | G League Ignite

Height: 6’5” | Weight: 175 pounds

Draft age of 2023: 19.22

G League Ignite

Potential customer profile

One of the younger prospects in this upcoming class, Cissoko is a French guard with intriguing tools. Offensive advantage isn’t there yet, but her defensive ability appears.

On the offensive side, the jumbo guard is best for attacking the rim. He doesn’t have the fastest first step, so he relies on using his strength. One thing Cissoko could improve to combat the elite’s lack of agility is ball handling. If he can tighten the handle and generally generate a better look off the heel, he will improve a lot.

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