McCallie Middle School takes tennis win over Signal Mountain, 8-1

In McCallie, Blue Tornado won two of the three doubles and then swept the singles to defeat the Signal Mountain Eagles 8-1 in high school tennis. The winners in singles were Liam Tabibiazar, Sam Harris, Zohayr Memon, Kamen Benton, Reagan Kulisek and Wyatt Henderson. Campbell Naggar, Wylie Shumate, Elijah Keylon and Parker Crenshaw won in doubles. McCallie is now 3-1.

Thomas Gillenwater and Ash Adams in singles and AJ Gupta and Rhys Coleman in doubles led Team McCallie B to a 3-0 victory over Team Signal Mountain B.

The individual results of the match were as follows:

McCallie 8 Signal Mountain 1


Liam Tabibiazar (M) defeated Ruffner Hill (SM) 8-3
Sam Harris (M) defeated Micah Morris (SM) 8-1
Zohayr Memon (M) defeated Asher Cone (SM) 8-5
Kamen Benton (M) defeated Heath Snellgrove (SM) 8-0
Reagan Kulisek (M) defeated Klein Boyd (SM) 8-1
Wyatt Henderson (M) defeated Nathan Foley (SM) 8-3

Campbell Naggar-Wylie Shumate (M) defeated Hill-Snellgrove (SM) 8-3
Brantley Lockhart-Sam Gibler (M) lost to Morris-Cone (SM) 8-4
Elijah Keylon-Parker Crenshaw (M) defeated Boyd-Foley (SM) 8-0

McCallie B Team 3 Signal Mountain B Team 0


Thomas Gillenwater (M) defeated David Long (SM) 8-1
Ash Adams (M) defeated Seven Dapp (SM) 8-0


AJ Gupta-Rhys Coleman (M) defeated Long-Dapp (SM) 8-0

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