LIV Golf Event at The International gets good reviews and fine

Banners lined up at The International's entrance in Bolton last month for the LIV Golf Boston Invitational.

BOLTON – The LIV Golf tournament at The International received good reviews from the Select Board, although the board hit the tournament director with a fine for not getting a permit for temporary signals.

“Overall, I’m very pleased with the way things have turned out,” tournament director Michael Goggin told the Select Board on Sept. 15. “I know it took a lot of effort from everyone.”

Goggin said he thanked people “for their support, patience and understanding.

“It seems that, overall, our feedback has been very positive,” said Goggin. “It’s very difficult to share the scope and scale of this thing until you’re actually sitting in front of it.”

Goggin noted that the tournament was lucky with the weather and had “a great finish. I’m very pleased with how it went”, but added that “hiccups are inevitable.

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